Sunday, December 14, 2008

The dawn of the doodlebong Part 1

"Let's get out of here," Ulibak called out to Auwid.
"I AM not waking up if u want to play another round of Dabblewobble! Even if the sky is still dark."
"But its not going to stay black!" the Bakuli danced around the room. "I KNOW these things, remember?"

Auwid sighed.

She knew better than to argue with a sleep-deprived Uli. Besides, the annoying truth was, Uli's cape gave 'herald of holidays' status. And if she said it wasn't going to be a black day, it probably wasn't. So, she opened an eye and sleepily tried to figure out what colour the cape was that day. And couldn't decide.

She noticed Uli looked a little dumbfounded as well. Sure, sometimes the cape took a while to decide its mood for the day, but this was weird. It wasn't that she'd never seen the colour, just that she'd never seen the cape turn that colour till then. In fact, she didn't even know the cape did swirls. These were a mixture of purple and white. Weird, but pretty.

"Wonder what it's going to be today..." Uli thot, and instantly felt Miritri pick up on her thought.
Even though the doctor had started speaking aloud now, her telepathic ability was still useful.
"You awake? Good, there's something you need to see."

Miritri got there before Auwid and Uli could finish what had eventually become an argument on what it could mean. Purple usually involved creation, since the land of the Sibuk was basically shades of purple (Much like Aurria; except that she was bronze in parts as well), but they had no idea what this meant. This was weird.

She giggled as soon as she entered.

"Uli, you look ridiculous. U know better than to go purple! That's my colour," she flicked back a lock of purple hair."Plus, what's with the swirly thingies?"

"Thanx guys, now I know I'm friends with the two of you. You're honest, and I'm shamelessly unaware about colours," came the retort.

"Great! Now she's going to cry!" Auwid muttered, ignoring Uli sticking her tongue out at her.

Eventually, after much bickering, they decided to have some fun while waiting for whatever was going to happen. So, naturally, it HAD to be a picnic!

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random Verses No 1

She floated down the wave of consciousness
Barely aware of the blue tuna riding the microwave
Or the earthworm that glowed brighter than usual
Slipping, sliding, through the earthworm hole
She knew not where she was going, or why
Till she bumped her head against a talking mirror
And a laughing tree brought her to a stop


Suddenly it was clear; she knew that she would be
Ulibak, the greatest heroine, the Bakulis ever did see
Doodlebong supported her, even if he fell off the tree
A thought wave then hit her, Ms Yancha was near

So donning her cape of varying colors, she looked up at the sky,
Shook her fist at Lord Ne’erdonot, as nearer she did fly
She saw the sky turn dark, and loudly she did cry
“Oh! No, you don’t! Not another black sky!”

It wasn’t that her mind was fallow,
But there’s only so many holidays one can swallow
So she raced to the Lord in her wheel-barrow
She flew past, like there was no tomorrow

Sometimes, she wished she’d had a choo-choo
But, what kind of hero, would her gifts eschew?
Aurria flew by, singing like a great cuckoo
While Rubsh kept wondering, “What was I gonna do?”

Uli wanted to travel, to take an extended holiday
But there was so much work that she had to stay
She went back home with much dismay,
And thanked the Lord for his fish fillet!

(PS. Anyone who discovers the awesomeness in the idea behind the rhyme scheme in the second part will receive a hundred virtual brownie points... if you can FIND a rhyme scheme in the first part, I'll give u one hundred zillion virtual brownie points!!)

(PPS. U also welcome to add more verses, but only in the current scheme cycle...muhahaha)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How Miritri Yancha got her voice (back)

Ulibak stepped out of the closet... She heard Miritri laughing inside her head and sighed. “That woman is a genius, but she sooo needs to get out more often. And most definitely out of my head” she thought. “O really, or else what?” Miritri shot back.
Now, there was nothing Ulibak liked better than a challenge… Especially since she’d come into that cape and really got into superhero mode. Now, Miritri’s “Or else?” was ringing in her ears. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like... she couldn’t put it past her friend to be mocking her on purpose.

“That’s it, no more Ms nice Bakuli,” said Uli out loud. She marched over to her bed, and dug into the heap of clothes strewn there to find her magical cape. She knew it was under there, somewhere, and was not about to leave home without it. “What kind of idiot superhero leaves home without her cape?” she muttered, only to hear Miritri giggle, “Do u really want an answer to that?”

“O shut it, Ms Yancha, you’re giving me a headache” she managed before squealing at the state of her cape. For something that magical, it sure needed a lot of ironing! She picked up a notebook and a pencil and headed out of the shell she shared with her pets and Auwid to her favourite tree, ShadyBiz. She’d decided the only way to keep Miritri out of her head was to keep humming, and not thinking straight. Miritri hated it when Uli hummed… it interfered with the frequency of the thought waves. So, Uli began to write as she hummed:

The Objective: keep MY out of my head.
Purpose: she’s driving me nuts
Possible courses of action:
a. Continue humming indefinitely
b. Get her to leave home more often
c. Get her to begin actually talking to other folks…
d. Get her to leave home without her pointy hat

Now, Miritri wasn’t scary at all... but she did have this crazy habit of mixing dancing and a pointy hat... and that made people VERY uncomfortable.

Uli kept scribbling :
A. not viable coz constant vibration makes throat itchy.
B. Doubt it’ll help.. She’ll probably keep talking to folks inside their heads, anyway
C. See B.
D. Yea RIGHT!!!

Then, something struck Uli very hard. “Serves me right for turning to a breathing piece of wood for help,” she muttered, turning to glare up at Shady. Shady seemed to be grinning as he whacked her again with a small branch.

“What? Is there a point to this? Or are u just having fun?” she asked him, and he hit her again. Suddenly, it struck her — an idea, this time, not a branch. She was looking at how it rebounded (the branch, not the idea).

“What if, I can somehow manage to get Yancha to throw her voice at something and have it come back to her?” Uli wrote. The problem with Miritri’s voice was that there was no problem. She’d just stayed in labs for so long, that she didn’t feel the need to hear voices out loud. And, to make things worse, she was also telepathic…

Caught up with the idea, Uli forgot to hum. “WHAT do you think you’re doing?” Miritri’s message snuck into Uli’s mind. “Not yet,” Uli thought as she began humming again, bugging Miritri…. She hated when Uli tuned her out... It usually meant trouble… and it usually involved her.

1. Ventriloquism?
2. Punching Bag (yea rt!)
3. Echo???
… the list read now.

“ECHO!!!” Ulibak scribbled and underlined. “That’s it!”

She went back in and called out to her other good friend, Auwid TcLaun. “Hey Auwid, we has a mission!”

“Now what?” the mirror asked back. “And will you please speak normally?”

She, like Miritri, was wary of any of Ulibak’s 'smart' ideas. They both knew her too well.

Uli didn’t want to let Miritri on to the plan, and while the red-haired scientist didn’t exactly follow Uli’s thoughts all day, she didn’t want to risk anything. So, she propped the notebook up against Auwid. “teketheofvmeee” came a muffled response. Uli grinned and jumped to hold the book away, knowing she was in for a lecture. She ALWAYS forgot Auwid had gotten her myopia fixed. But the mirror seemed too busy figuring out her scrawl. It wasn’t her fault she had horrible writing. Skwigull WAS a difficult script to master. And Uli acknowledged that drawing was not among her varied talents.

Auwid grinned as she began deciphering the various placements of the gulls. She nodded thoughtfully. “Could be interesting…”
“Of course it would be interesting!” Ulibak yelled back…

The next morning, Auwid and Ulibak trooped down to the pot under which Miritri lived. It was surprisingly clean. “Oh no, she’s figured what we’re planning,” was Uli’s first thought. But no, she was herb-sitting today. Rubsh Phegwean, the newest member of the Alfond was out with the three silver wolves, Freepo, Dwalpa and Lupinda, and Miritri was obviously making it keep-Rubsh’s-little-one-out-of-trouble-day. It also explained why the pot was clean.

“At least, she’s remembered to make it herb-safe,” mumbled Auwid as she entered. Uli ignored the mumbling, swept back her cloak in what she hoped was a regal manner (There were herbs around! No telling what they expected from a superhero!), and announced: “We’re going on a picnic.”

Miritri looked up, mildly amused. “That’s your big plan?” she asked. “You want to go picnicking to get me out of your head?”

Uli didn’t say anything, concentrating instead on humming loud enough to keep the rest of the plan muddled.

Finally, after much hemming and hawing and back and forth that would make this chapter more tedious than it already is, they set out on their picnic. Uli and Auwid had brought Uli’s pets — Aurria and Oligolumos — along with them. They’d also carried a lot of food, so Miritri really had no excuse not to go; Even her pot was clean!

They trudged up a nearby hill, taking care not to let Aurria anywhere near the herb. Just because she was not drunk did not mean she was sober. And unless Aurria was completely sober, there was no telling what she’d do — especially to things she could bite.

Once they reached the top, Auwid stood around admiring the view in herself while Uli spread the food out on the grass. Now, there was a saying in the Alfond — da phat leaver sis ow-ais tase tier awn da udder saide (roughly translated, it meant : The foie grass is always tastier on the other side), but Uli preferred carrying her own food on picnics.

Just as everyone was really getting into the swing of things, the swing stopped. Auwid had trundled a little away from everyone else.

“There she goes again,” thought Ulibak. “AGAIN?” Miriti asked. “Yea, she’s been doing this a lot lately. AND, she usually doesn’t respond to my calling her,” Uli shot back, looking worried. “Do you want to try and get through to her?”

Miritri looked lost in thought for a little while. Uli knew she was trying to reach Auwid thru the mirror’s mind. But Auwid didn’t seem to be paying attention. After about five minutes of watching Miritri concentrate, Uli suggested she tried calling to Auwid out loud. As she’d expected, her friend looked a little unsure. “AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUWWWWWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!”

Auwid grinned to herself and kept moving further away. “AUWID TcLaun! You turn around and get back here! Right now! I know exactly what you’re doing and you know you shouldn’t be doing it.”

If Miritri could see Auwid, she may have noticed a bemused smile on her face. She had NO IDEA what her friend was talking about.

But the game was beginning to tire her and she decided to come back. But it was too late. Now that Miritri had gotten started, there was no shutting her up. She’d discovered she liked the sound of her voice and didn’t let anyone else get a word in sideways.

And Uli was left thinking that, maybe, the word pool theory was valid, after all!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ulibak comes out of the closet —A very short story

One day, Ulibak awoke to find herself surrounded by darkness. None of her friends were around.. She wasn't in her bed, and the space around felt too cramped and musty to be her room. Cautiously, she stood up. And stretched. The roof was just beyond her reach. She tried exploring her surroundings, but her elbow bumped into one of what must have been the walls. When she swung her other hand, it bumped into somethign warm and fuzzy. She mentally called out to her friend, the mad doctor Miritri Yancha. She could hear ulibak's thoughts, and told her to try looking for a crack in the walls. Ulibak gingerly started probing the solid surfaces around her, till she noticed a crack of light shining through. She pushed harder, and the door swung open. She waited a while for her eyes to get accustomed to the light, turned around and sighed... She hadn't even known she'd been in a closet

Friday, February 9, 2007


Ulibak woke up earlier than usual. Even Oligolumos and Arria weren't up yet and Doodlebong never ever woke up before the day was half over. So she went over to say hello to Auwid TcLaun.

"Good Morning, Auwid," said Ulibak.
"What's so good about it?" Auwid asked sleepily. Someone had said they didn't like the way they looked in her the night before, and the mirror was still very angry.

"Well," began Ulibak, "Isn't this good?" she asked, patting down her cape. It was the color of azurite today. This meant the sky would be azure as well.

Auwid sighed as she remembered the old Sibukian saying - "Wokka issa auzirtoo, aukka bikka okoko" - Azure is the day when the world goes to bed warm.

According to an old legend, Sibuk Alfond once had a visitor from far away. No one in the Alfond had ever seen anything like him ever before. For starters, Zeriba was big. Very big. Big enough to fit all of the ALfond in his hand,or under his foot, if he wanted. But he hadn't wanted (thanks be to the great spaghetti monster!)and eventually became friends with one of Ulibak's grandmothers. (No one knows which one, really). There are some beings who did not believe the story, but they have not met Ulibak or seen the badass cape that predicts the color of the sky.

"I don't care about the world going to bed warm," protested Auwid. "I'm cold now! Why doesn't anyone care about me??" she wailed.

"Would you have rather prefered seeing a black cape?" Ulibak asked her friend and she shuddered, But Uli knew her bad mood would soon pass.

You see, a black sky in Sibuk Alfond, meant it was a holiday. The Sibukian sky always turned black at night, and sometimes, remained black all day. Working under a black sky meant waking Lord Nerdonot, lord of the night. And when Lord Nerdonot was awake, he was unhappy, and slept even more. So rather than subject themselves to dark days when even lady Ikenweku could not wake Nerdonot, Ulibak and everyone on the Alfond took the day off.

Since Ulibak was the first to know about it, she was also the official announcer of holidays.

Neither Ulibak nor Auwid disliked black days. But the Alfond had been seeing a string of those lately. And there IS only that much daablewobble one could play. So, Ulibak was glad it was going to be a Azure day. That meant that something exciting was about to happen, not necessarily something good, but certainly something interesting. All she could do now, was wait.